Lisa Pugh is a very success-driven team player, who works well in preforming and teaching sports from ages 9 – I6 year old. She teaches the fundamentals of sports activities, which can also lead to positive and constructive points of views. It also leads to team building that will help develop understanding, sportsmanship, teamwork and independence along with confidence and self-esteem.


Lisa is part of ‘Rock of Ages’ Senior Softball League.


Lisa is always willing to encourage positive goals in healthy competition.



Coached Girls Varisty volleyball at Lindbloom High School 2014-2015

Inducted Hall of Fame 2014 Chicago 16″ Softball


Team Captain of The Women’s Air Force HT Softball Okinawa Japan 1983-1986


12″ Softball Champions


Four Time All World Series USSSA Champions – Orlando, FL 1992-1996


All-Tournament Team Player Team Captain – Orlando, FL 1997-I999


Coach/ Player of Illinois Women’s Traveling Seniors Softball Team 2014- Present

Instruction & Training

-Oversees all scheduling on practices, tournaments and travel plans

-Team building with all players from other states before practice and game day

-Conducts practice days that consist of workout plans, exercise, running, weightlifting, etc.

-Develops team building at practice days of throwing, catching and learning plays along with  hitting techniques

-Recruits girls ranging in age from 9-16 years old from inter-city neighborhoods free of charge who exceed proper training that are requirements in learning basic fundamental skills accordance with sports guidelines.


-Write and facilitates workout plans on all sports that is offered and given by trained instructors


-Conduct various staff development training’s in individual sports to enhance the skills to promote on-going learning of the sports game


-Maintains the highest Performance and longevity of outstanding attendance

-Knowledgeable of the various injuries that comes along with playing sports

-Teaching technique of the fundamentals of learning how to play sports without getting injured